Classic Infant Girl Clothing

baby-girls-clothes-image-8I was convinced I was having a girl, once I was pregnant with my first kid. In fact I needed a little girl. Subsequently, something inside of me explained I was having a girl. And I was! I believed I ‘d be disappointed, but rather I was elated! Early on I found, there were more girl picks for infant clothing, and also fewer girl clothing that I enjoyed. It annoyed me that there were more sports infant clothing than other things, although I enjoy sports to an extent. I figure I simply thought, well, they’re infants now, not sportsmen. This is particularly difficult when my firstborn had serious handicaps. He’d never walk, let alone throw, run or catch a ball. Dressing him in an infant top with thick embroidered words that read “Future Football Player” could leave me depressed and crying for the remainder of the day. It reminded me generally, although it wasn’t because I dreamed of him being a football player.

Since my first born, I’ve had two more sons. Typically they’ve plainly worn hand me downs and because this would look foolish, I strove to not be picky about their clothes, but I’ll say that they’ve worn heirloom style, something timeless, and more conventional, they’ve seemed the most dashing! A garment that’s not complex, with clean lines, or that’s handmade appears to make them glow and reflect. It fills the atmosphere with a little more peace. Our world is over arousing right now. Even clothes appear to fill my eyes. I want a place for my eyes to rest from shades, the many lights, ads, and words. A simple white infant bodysuit might have the desired effect.

baby-girls-clothes-image-9I understand it’s just clothes, but when my women wear classic clothes that are simple it makes me think of those lovely vintage monochrome photos. I find myself catching the sunlight, dreaming of garments on the clothes line and flowing in the wind. I feel associated to this time and these pictures, when I’ve something visual that takes me back. I will be absolutely willing to permit my kids to wear sports garments, superhero garments, hand me downs that I mightn’t pick otherwise, or garments that they enjoy but that I dislike, because it isn’t about me. But in secret, I enjoy to see them in something which looks like its from yesteryear. For my son with handicaps, when his clothes are classic and simple, I ‘m not thinking about how he will unable to surf or skateboard or visit rock concerts old today.

Seeing conventional clothes when it occurs, makes me think of the Nana who spent raising her kids, just as I ‘m now. “Stay close to me through this very day, Nana that is not quite as simple as it appears! As are mine, your kids were prized and wonderful. This time is not long, it shines like a jewel in our thoughts and remains with us when we forget all else. I understand that though you might have forgotten most parts of your life, someplace those early days with your kids, those minutes hanging their infant rompers on the line in the sun are there with you still.